Who are you? Who am I?
We were all born. We all live. And one day we will all die.
But is that it? Is that the paradigm of life, existence, and identity?
Or, perhaps, is that just our way of simplifying the universes inherent eccentricity.

The colour of our planet is made up of many varying hues;
the colour of our lives is made up of many varying vistas, horizons, and views.
The pigment of our interactions is made up of a multitude of interconnected rainbows;
the flowerbeds of our garden is like an aurora of light emanating from the petals of a rose.

Life, to me, is like the ingredients, the constituents, and the recipe of light:
light is colour, just as colour is light; night is day, just as day is night;
however, how every living-thing perceives the world could not be more different;
just as not everyone speaks the same language, in the same voice, or with the same accent;
just as not every species of bird has the same call, or whale the same song-
life is one big orchestra, choir, and chorus, of sound, expression, pallette, and throng.

What makes life so captivating to me,
is the fact that we, the Earth-kind, are all individual; but we all stem from the same tree.
What makes me smile, what makes me jump up for joy, and tell everyone I meet,
is exactly what puts the hue in human, and what puts the light in elite:
the truth that what we think we are seeing is not all that there is,
the knowledge that all life and light is one and the same, and shines brighter than Polaris.