I always strive to be the best that I can be.
I always put all that I am into my family, my artistry, my dexterity.
In my life I have been fortunate to have been taught by the best:
my parents, my friends, my heroes- whose lessons I will forever attest.
I have been given the means, the motivation,
the tenacity, and the imagination,
the belief that we all have greatness within us-
all we need is the will, and the inspiration.
My thirst for knowledge can never be quenched,
my drive to excell can never be halted,
my vision of the world can never be shaded,
my intentions can never be faulted.
The beating heart within our chest,
the untold depths that our minds can reach,
is tantamount to the stars in the sky
that number like the grains of sand on a beach.
We are all born with a desire to learn, to love,
to give, to reach out, and to touch;
but we can have no idea who we will be, what we will do,
with whom, or with how much;
however, the more we see, the more we hear,
the more we think, the more we dream,
and the more we feel our gifts within us take over,
we start to create our own slipstream.
We are all masters of our own destiny.
We are all dexterous in the intuition we originate.
We are the authors, we are the children,
we are the descendents of all that we create.