To me there is no better way to start the day,
than to reinvigorate my daily constitution the same way-
by enjoying one of the greatest drinks, in my opinion, ever invented,
the drink that has influenced the course of history, since it was first planted.
A sometimes underestimated beverage, but one that is always gutsy:
their really is nothing better, or more enjoyable, than a great cup of tea!
Inside the best cup of tea lies an inspiring oasis of taste and texture;
an insight; a storm; a threshold; a cure.
Tea has brought down boundaries; tea has been the spark of revolution;
tea has been the reason to stage a party; tea has led to resolution.
Idea’s have been formulated, indomitable individuals have been swayed-
all while enjoying a cup of tea, that has not long since been made.
From leaf to harvest; from fermentation to blending;
from a bag, a spoon, in water, to a cup- tea is transcending.
If someone were to ask me what my favourite drink was, it would have to be
the drink of monarchy, the favourite of royalty: it would have to be tea!