A roaring fire; the sound of Christmas songs playing in the background;
the opening of brightly-coloured wrapped gifts;
a feeling of love and joy all around.
Christmas has always be been my favourite time of the year-
the coming together of family,
and the remembrance of those who are no longer here,
to me is the most important part of Christmas: the day, the season, the cheer;
to me Christmas is a celebration of our present,
and whom and what we hold dear.
I love the wrapping of presents,
I adore the giving of label-adorned packages of joy;
I love sitting down to have Christmas dinner with my family-
ever since I was a little boy.
Christmas time, to me, has always been a present in and of itself-
there is always something in the air
that makes us all think about more than ourselves:
whether it be our family, our friends,
or our nearest and dearest that have passed on-
Christmas time is when we give back to everyone,
even to whom we think of as gone.
Every Christmas I remove myself from the world
and thank the universe for my life;
even if the previous 358 days have been filled with hurt,
confusion, and strife-
I find that by meeting the day at it conclusion
and saluting the setting of that days sun
I am giving thanks for who I am, what I have-
to the universe, to the Earth, to everyone.
Every day we all share a part of ourselves
and revel in the trust gifted to us by others;
every day we all unwrap the gift of our present,
and find meaning in what we uncover.