Everything happens for a reason;
everybody is born, lives, and dies, based on the changing of the season.
Every seemingly accidental meeting is based on the blueprint of destiny;
every decision, action, force in the universe, brought my parents together,
made their love for one another become one, and made me.

The love of my parents, who really do love one another for better, or for worse,
astounds me every time I see them together, and inspires me to break into verse.
My father David and my mother Bernadette
have such a beautiful connection, anyone would think they were singing a duet.
I am sure that every child who loves their parents would say this;
but my parents are the best- beacons of love, joy, elation, and breathtaking bliss.

My parents are not only amazing people, but they are also great teachers-
throughout my life they have taught me that the reason of life lies in all its features.
Even as a small child my parents blessed me with a love of music and sound-
songs, singers, musicians, and instruments, that can literally shake the ground:
from the songs of The Beatles, to the resonating Tubular Bells of Mike Oldfield-
my parents taught me that music can give rise to what lies buried, and what is concealed.

My parents are the be-all-and-end-all, creators, life and light-givers of my world;
my parents are the most special people I know, and the reason my hair used to be curled.
My parents are the smartest, the most articulate, funny, fascinating, people I know;
who make me see that to be happy in life you don’t need to live in a mansion, or a chateau.
My parents are my heroes; my parents are the reason that I love, laugh, and shed a tear;
my parents are the muse of my life, the reason for my being, the rhyme, and why I am here.