One name, one face, one body; two minds:
one of gravity, realism, distance, and time;
one of love, optimism, inspiration, and rhyme.
One born of the Earth- where North is up, and South is down-
where if you dive in too deep you are more than likely to drown.
One born of the stars- where planets dance to clockwork precision-
where there is more to life to be found than we could possibly envision.
One who smiles, cries; feels pain, joy, excitment, and rejection;
one who exists to be a beacon of hope; a lens, a truth of every complexion.
One who is a brother, a son, a friend, a lover, a confidant;
one who sees the epic poetry in every thought, action, feeling, and want.
One who thrives on energy, relationships; reciprocating love, and connection,
one whose muse is every masterpiece of life, art, opus, definition, and imperfection.
One who is and will always be the alter-ego, poet, man, one and the same,
Mark Hastings; but that is not who I am, that is only my name.