I live, therefore I love; I love, therefore I live;
but I must keep secret the identity of whom it is that I am in love with.
Love should be celebrated, championed, shouted aloud from the rooftops;
but I cannot speak of my love; because to Her, my words are like that of raindrops-
a lone voice in a cacophonic chorus of love and adoration-
making my words seem like that of a unknown tree falling silently in a forrest of isolation.
Can love still be called Love if it is felt, but remains unconfessed?
Then again: what is love? Is it really something that needs to be expressed?
I must love in silence, because the apple of my affection does not know who I am;
oh, she may know my name; but to Her I am just another adoring fan.
I wish it were not so, but this is who we both are-
it is as if I were the Earth, while She is a planet orbiting a distant star.
Love is a powerful, energizing, inspiring, enticing emotional state of being;
but, what if love were more than an emotion, what if it were another way of seeing?
When you love in silence, I believe that you gain a new and unique sense-
another way to perceive, describe, love, and express yourself, without any pretense.
That being said, I will continue to love, support, and be there for Her from afar;
and even if I no longer love in secret, She will always be my silent but guiding star.