I open my eyes; I take in a breath;
I look below to see the Earth- our blue marble of infinite depth.
I stretch out my arms, I take in the awe- I feel like master of all:
The Poet of our unbelievably beautiful sphere; and yet infinitesimally small.
In that moment, I believe that a single word can rise up an army,
I believe that a single word can give rise to an entire country,
I believe that a single word can be more than it at first appears,
I believe that a single word can shatter reality and bring the world to tears;
I believe that I am that single word, I believe that I am that singularity,
I believe that I alone can utter the poetry to describe Earths unbounded beauty,
I believe that with my next verse I will touch all corners of our planet…
Then I fall, and fall, and fall, and fall-
I watch as Earth comes every closer, until its glow resembles that of a fireball;
I am falling backwards through space, through the atmosphere, through gravity,
I am falling back to the planet that I love- free of fear, free of words, free of vanity-
I am falling back to Earth with such speed, such violence; and yet such serenity-
I am falling out of the black, free of identity, free of humanity, free to just be.

My return to Earth seems never-ending, until my vision clears and I am bathed in light;
I turn my head to see a plane just below me, as if it were suspended in mid-flight.
I am not scared, I am not fearful, I am not ready for this to end-
I feel as if I could live my entire life among the clouds, never again to descend.

The moment I hit the water, the world and all of reality vanishes into darkness;
and, before I know it, I am opening my eyes again to the infinite of vastness-
and, yet again, there is Earth below, above, and before me:
beckoning, inspiring, energizing, and enlightening me-
making me feel indomitable, incredible, master and ruler of all;
and then, as I take in the wonder of the world… I again begin to fall…