I have wished upon a star; I have marvelled at the beauty of bliss;
I have felt the rush of love, and have been struck by the power of a single kiss.
The power of magic lies in what you do not see and what cannot be seen,
and the gift of a magician is that of taking your senses to a place they have never been.
The gift of a great writer is that of being able to take you on a journey,
to open your cover, to excite your imagination; because you are “literally” the key-
the bridge, the link, the master and most essential piece of the puzzle;
because you are what make the words launch from the page, like the Space Shuttle.
The gravitas of a great singer, the transcendental impact of an amazing musician-
the music of love, life, loss, inspiration- the “je ne sais quoi”, the spark of imagination-
is the indefinable, pure, incredible, addictive, connection to a musicians essence-
a part of them that you take with you, as if you were always in their presence.
The importance of an artist- landscape, portrait, contemporary, modern, home, or grafitti-
is that of showing the many colours of the world, and the multi-textured pallette of humanity.
To me, what makes someone exceptional is also the defining thing that makes them human-
that which is of them, and of everyone else; that which imparts life like the power of the sun.
Everyone on Earth has the gift, the power, the energy of a star coursing below their skin;
everyone on Earth has the potential to change the world, if only they were to imagine.