The speed of thought is a velocity unparrelled by the fastest rocket;
the speed of thought is a treasure that you can grasp and put in your pocket.
The speed of thought is the momentum that drives the wheels of the world;
the speed of thought is unbounded, and glistens with the sparkle of a pearl.

I live to see that look in someone’s eyes when they have an idea;
I live to see that smile on someone’s face when joy triumphs over fear.
I live to feel and be caught-up in a wave of emotion and go along for the ride;
I live to share a moment of exhilaration that only the speed of thought can provide.

Everything in existence, including The Big Bang, is as the result on an idea:
an idea so repeating, replicating, enlightening, and energizing, that it spread like a cheer.
Thought and inspiration is to an idea, as a Mother and Father are to a child;
and an idea that grows inside your mind, to me, is akin to the first time a baby smiles-
that moment when you are looking down at them with so much love and adoration,
and then they open their eyes and look back at you with an unending joyful expression.

I have always seen Humanity, and all life in the universe, as a matter of fact,
as the instrument’s of a “necessary will”- a part of which each one of us daily enacts.
The speed of thought is the limitless pace of Life that all life creates and is a part of;
the speed of thought is everything that is within you, of you, around you, and above.