I’ve lost something, and I don’t know how to get it back;
I’ve lost someone to the dark, and to the clutches of the man in black.
I wonder when it was that I started to take life and people for granted;
I wonder when it was that the miracle of life and love became supplanted.
I have so often said of myself that I fall in love too easily, and that I care too much-
that I thrive on life and its infinite sights, sounds, tastes, and touch.
I am someone who really does look above and beyond the present and the now,
I am someone who really does look and see more than my eyes would normally allow.
I, however, do have a hard of time letting go of the past, and my memories-
I find it hard to say goodbye to a friend carried away like a leaf on a breeze.
I know that people move on, and that everyone’s time on Earth is finite;
but it is never easy to turn off the light, shut the door behind you, and say “goodnight”.
“No regrets” is the maxim to my life that I hold up high and try to live by;
but when I lose someone I love, I cannot help but lift up my eyes to the sky,
and simply ask one question: “why?”