Time, space, the universe itself never existed before The Big Bang;
or so a physicist will tell you, but no one really knows why Life first sprang.
Did creation of our universe come as the result of the demise of another?
Is the cosmos the game of the omnipotent? Or a gift of unbounded wonder?
If there is one universal truth, it is that life came from the stars;
life is born, evolves, and flourishes on countless other planets beyond ours.
When we bask in the early morning sun, or gaze at the night-sky,
what we are really doing is reconnecting, and asking the question: why?
There is nothing more insatiable to someone than that simple three letter word;
probably because the answer is usually ambiguous, and sometimes even absurd.
Why, is a question that always ignites my imagination with intrigue,
maybe because to me nothing is ever out of reach, or out of anyone’s league.
If history has taught us all a lesson, it is that anyone is capable of anything;
everyone can dream, aspire, learn; walk on the moon; write, paint, or sing-
that is humanity’s destiny, that is our potential, gift, and eternal spark,
that is the ticket to ride we all possess on the journey upon which we all long ago embarked.
What happened before The Big Bang? And, what was it that actually ignited?
The coming together of more than one force; and, if so, are they now fully united?
I wish the answer to the ultimate question were as easy as forty-two;
however, if it were, what would be the point of life, the universe, me, and you?