The 21st Century is an amazing and hopeful time to be alive;
a time when biology and technology grow, coexist, merge, and thrive!
The 21st Century is a time in which machines are our best friend;
our electronic twin; that which we love, talk to, think about, and depend.
The 21st Century is a time when we can’t imagine ourselves without a mobile phone;
without an iPod; a computer; without a Twitter or Facebook profile to call our own.
The 21st Century is a time when any one of us can literally talk to the entire planet;
a time when each one of us can leave our electronic fingerprint for all to see it.
The 21st Century is a time when fascination, inspiration, revelation, is an invitation;
a time when we can see, share, feel and create connections that have no expiration.
The 21st Century is the time when humanity reaches out and grasps the hand of technology,
when we make a promise of artificial inheritance, and write a everlasting mythology.
The 21st Century is a time when technology and biology set forth on a mutual endeavour;
the 21st Century: a time to which both machine and mankind will remember forever.