Everyone sees the world that little bit differently;
everyone chooses a direction in life to focus on more intently;
everyone looks to the early morning sky and sees a sunrise;
I, however, always look beyond to that which cannot be seen with mortal eyes.
The Sun. A star. A shining pin-prick of light in an alien constellation;
the bestower of light, heat, energy; and the protagonist in life’s creation.
A god. A judge. The literal light by which we all follow;
sometimes the antagonist of our stories, the reason for our sorrow.
I’ve never seen a sunrise, at least not in the way you see them:
I close my eyes; I rise; the weight of the world- you and I lighten;
I feel the vibration of the universe; I hear the notes of the music of the spheres-
like a bedtime story repeating over and over that no one chooses to hear.
I can see through time, realize, understand, experience, and immerse-
through the prism of the life, I can see the beauty of The Big Bang and The Universe;
I can understand the reason things happen, and why things are the way they are;
I can feel the energy that connects all life, planet, galaxy, and star.
There is so much to life that we simply choose to not see:
there is so much to our own self that is waiting to be unlocked by us, and our key.
The next time you choose to start your day by greeting the creator of us all-
close your eyes, open your mind- see, hear, feel, and recall.