When you fall in love time has no meaning;
when you fall in love you feel as if you could touch the ceiling;
when you fall in love the spectrum of the entire universe shifts and changes;
when you fall in love a part of you transforms, becomes, and exchanges.
When you fall in love the rest of the world just falls away-
leaving two people, one moment, and a choreography like that of ballet.
When you fall in love a connection is made, ingrained, and shared-
a connection that proves that two people were always meant to be paired.
When you fall in love you fall in love with every glance, freckle, finger, and toe,
with every smile, with every laugh, with every thing that makes someone glow.
When you fall in love the future is optimistic, hopeful, and inspiring;
and, as it has been described countless times, is like being struck by lightning.
Sometimes, however, when you fall in love that fall only lasts for a short time-
your lives were always meant to drawn together and intertwine;
but like the meeting of two energetic and tumultuous sea’s,
sometimes the mixture is so potent there is a break down in the chemistry.
When you fall out of love, the thought of falling in love again is often terrifying and scary;
however, to me, the fact that you feel fearful at all is proof of the contrary:
it proves that, to you, falling in love is not just an arbitrary word, feeling, and emotion-
love is a part of something bigger, and a sign of your caring and devotion.
When you fall in love always believe that there will be someone there to catch you;
always believe that the sun never stops shining; and that someone always loves you.