The light of a new day; that smell of a new car;
buying and strumming the strings of a brand new guitar;
the passion of a new relationship; the excitement of a new idea;
the joy, the celebration, and the happiness of a brand new year.
The reading of a new book; the release of an artists new song;
the discovery of new music that has you humming the same tune all day long.
The spring in a new pair of shoes; the feel of new clothes;
the aroma, the delicacy, and the first blooming of a brand new rose.
The moving into a new house; that first new lick of paint;
the beginning of a new chapter; the new friend that you acquaint.
The sight of a new Moon in the night sky; the first breath of a newborn baby;
the exploration of a new, unique, tantalizing, and undiscovered country.
What is new, what is fresh, what is exciting, golden, and inspiring-
is what makes life sparkle and glow, and what I find absolutely fascinating.