To me there is no other film like “The Shawshank Redemption”,
a film that within every week, of every month, without exception,
I have sat back, watched, thought about, and mused about in admiration-
about the most incredible film ever made, in my estimation.
A film, based upon an amazing Stephen King novella-
who, by the way, is a brilliant and phenomenal storyteller-
about the fateful meeting, and the enduring friendship,
of two inmates at Shawshank prison, and the hopeful grip
that Andy Dufresne holds onto during his wrongful imprisonment there,
and “the man who can get things”, “Red’s”, diligence, style, and flair.
To me, The Shawshank Redemption is an extraordinary story,
a story that rises from the page and screen and breaks free-
to reside within, brighten, and enlighten the life of it’s viewer,
and leave you with a smile on your face that could not be any more truer.
After watching The Shawshank Redemption you feel brand new-
as if the sky above you has changed to a more brilliant shade of blue.
The story of Andy Duffresne being sent to prison for murder;
his tenacity, his hope, the struggles that he had to endure;
coupled with the story of Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding-
the “only gulty man in Shawshank”- is so amazing, energizing, and heartening.
To me, no other film, no other story, no other message has the same scope:
that no good thing ever dies, and that one of the best things in life is Hope.