Hi there! I’m Mark Hastings!
I’m afraid I am not someone who plays an instrument, or sings;
however, what I am, what I love, and what I one day hope to be,
is a poet and dreamer who can move the world with my poetry.
I haven’t always been a poet, and while growing up I was not much of a writer;
however, I was always a boy that saw the world to be that much brighter;
I always looked upon friends more optimistically than they saw themselves;
and when I dreamed I dreamed of starships, far-off worlds, and elves;
I watched TV, listened to music, and read the great works of the best-
Star Trek, John Lennon, Shakespeare, Tolkien- with enraptured interest.
While growing up I loved to draw, paint, and I loved to use vibrant colours;
I loved works of art that resonanted and harmonized with what naturally occurs;
however, when it came to rhymes, poets, poems, and poetry, I always fell-short-
I suppose, in retropsect, it was a fear of misunderstanding that I could not thwart.
However, cometh the muse, cometh the inspiration, cometh the poetry, cometh the poet-
and when you are blessed with a such a gift you never fail to feel, love, and know it.