We are the same; we are as one;
we can ascend, and walk the atmosphere of the sun-
the genie of inspiration has been summoned from the lamp,
and the wishes that it bestows looks set to enstamp
a change of pace, a new horizon, a brand new day,
an adventure, a journey, a new direction that will carry us away
to new lands, peoples, ideas, philosophies, and stories,
to new highest, insights, understanding, and glories.
To summon the genie that lies within our being
each one of us must feel a connection to what we are seeing-
whether it be a vision, a place, a landscape, or a person-
we all must look within and touch our inner “genie” version;
that voice, that instinct, that drive to dream and imagine,
that song, that energy, that exhiliration that gets under your skin
is something that we should all love, embrace, and immersive in-
like a vituoso of the bow, vibration, and the strings of our own violin.
Everyone has a genie, a gift, a wish to be fulfilled written into our DNA,
that is bound to our fate in ways we are powerless to disobey.