The first thing we see when we are born-
that which is the embodiment of the arrival of the dawn.

That which can be seen, sought, shared, and said-
that which still remains long after we retire to our bed.

That which can be caged, but which can never be subdued-
that which sustains and courses through the veins of the renewed.

That which continues to influence our lives in a million ways, or just one-
that which we thought was lost in the long run we discover among the won.

That which cannot be bottled, but which will always be of the finest vintage-
that which will stand for longer and carry us farther than the longest bridge.

That which lives within the artist, musician, poet, writer, builder, and architect-
that which we care about, love, feel, give back to the world, and protect.

Where there is light there is hope, where there is hope there is light-
where there is the gift of new life the future will always be bright.