Creation by the numbers, the universe by design-
that sensation that comes after tasting the world’s finest wine;
the precision of clockwork; the elegence of simplicity;
that indefinable essence that lends to life’s authenticity;
the unconditional love that we feel when we are born;
that naked re-evaluation of our worth when we mourn;
that incalculable rush of energy that grabs our heart with both hands;
that love and admiration that an artist lives to feel with their adoring fans.
Is everything by design, planned, blue-printed, copyrighted, stamped, and approved?
Or, is life a product of our own making, a work in progress, a can be improved?
When an artist first sketches their masterpiece, when a writer first outlines their opus,
when a conductor writes the notes of a symphony, when an athlete attains their focus-
that is the moment when they are no longer the driver of their life’s vehicle-
the moment when their body is now posessed and they are apart from the world and people,
a moment of direct contact with every form of life, energy, person, planet, and galaxy-
as if the universe is now their driver and they are just riding in it’s taxi.