Impenetrable, indomitable- like Antony Gormley’s “Another Place”,
like the “Angel Of The North”- strong, and tall- an Iron Man of majestic grace.
Everyone on Earth stands alone now and again;
looking out to a sea, to a beautiful vista, or back in time to way back when.
Events in our lives sometimes dictate that we too must become Iron Men;
strong, still, statuesque, serene, or simply just to count to ten-
to weather the storms of life that twist and maelstrom all around us;
or patch the cracks in the house of glass that we alone build around us.
An “Iron Man”, like the Angel of the North, is an extremely awe-inspiring sight-
at any moment you could just imagine it using it’s iron wings to take flight-
much like the ‘Iron Giant’ of Ted Hughes’ book, and the animated movie-
a metal man can be the embodiment of life, imagination, and breaking free.
Be it an Iron Man, a statue, or a work of art created to open new horizon’s-
which when people see them they turn into refracting mirrors of emotions-
allow us to imbue feeling’s, thoughts, and characteristics onto things and objects,
that may not have been there at there creation, but to which the artist would not object.