Blink and you’ll miss it; blink and you’ll stall;
blink and you’ll omit; blink and you’ll fall.
What lies in the shadow of a blink?
What can be found when the world is out of sync?
What do you see when you step back from the brink?
What if I told you there was more going on than you think?

People see the world as it is meant to be;
people use every colour of the spectrum just to see;
but, as so often is the case, things are not as they seem,
people, plants, animals- all sparkle, radiate, and gleam;
the reality of the invisible is extraordinary and extreme-
the spectrum of the unseen does not conform to a theme.
Dolphins, birds, bats- all have an extra sensory perception of life,
when they look at the world they see the Earth like that of an acolyte.

Blink, open your eyes and see more than you did a moment ago;
blink, and imagine you could see the world like a Dolphin, or a Crow;
blink, pass from shadow to light and for an instant see a reality spoiler,
blink, then in the rainbow of a sunbeam see the cover of the universal foiler.
Imagine if you could see the invisible; imagine if stone Angel’s could move;
imagine and see that within every blink lies a view that exists only to improve.