Here in the United Kingdom, it is that time again:
that time when we are asked to make our mark with our pen,
that time when we the Great British public are asked to choose,
and vote for the party who “wears the best shoes”-
“the best shoes” being how a political party present’s themselves:
the same old rhetoric, just taken down from the shelf?
a “reshuffling of the cards”; all campaign, and no gain?
like an envelope without a stamp; all bottle, and no Champagne?

Election’s, like life, are about weighing up commonalites;
about rising above trends and generalities;
about balancing the who, the what, the will, and the why;
about sizing-up the potential new leader of your country, eye-to-eye.
“Vote for change”, “Out with the old, and in with the new”,
“Put us in govenment and see what we will do for you”-
personally, if I ever read that I would have to question whether that was true;
because it doesn’t matter what is said, what matters is what people do.
Every party has a view of the world; every leader is a new Prime Minister;
surely not every politician is untrustworthy, currupt, and sinister?
To vote, or not to vote; that is the question:
and my answer, without hesitation,
is yes! Absolutely! Why would you not?
Because this is your time to be counted- this is your shot!