The life’s blood of the Earth’s physical form-
that which was instrumental to transform
the planet beneath our feet billions of years ago
into what see today- still continue’s to flow below.
On the 24th of April 2010,
I was reminded, yet again,
just how powerless and small we are to that of the Earth-
our living and breathing home-world of life, death, and rebirth;
on that day a volcano below a glacier in Iceland
brought all of the UK’s airplane’s and people to a stand,
when a huge plume of ash from the volcano
decided to remind everyone, by putting on a show,
that no matter how much we believe we are the architects of our own destiny-
compared to the power of the Earth, we are but the fruit of a tree;
we are all tied together, connected, and are all of one planet:
and we are seeing the evidence of that right now, and we can’t deny it.