Hopes, dreams, feelings, and memories-
like honey to a hive of honey bees-
vitalizing, energizing, driving us all forward;
asking us to question everything that we may have misunderstood.

Our feelings can be confused, forgotten, reasserted, or reset;
our memories, however, are but a silhouette-
more like a remembrance of a person, place, or an event,
and subject to the weather of our minds- what we believe to be true and invent.

Hopes and dreams, to me, could only be the product of an optimist;
Why? Well, I suppose it is similiar to the first time that we are kissed:
planned, or not- you still feel the hair’s on the back of your neck stand on end-
and just like your hopes and dreams, you feel that you can extend
all that you are, all that you want and hope and dream of having and becoming-
like someone recognising a song by the tone of your humming.

Our conscious and unconscious minds have an incredible capacity:
a powerful inspiration invigorator and dream generator, and an audacity,
that can at times be prone to confusion, and obviation,
but which is capable of incredible feat’s of creativity through realization-
the construction of an unsurpassable framework and structure
that can stand the test of any obsticle, and is impossible to fracture.