A letter from the past, a once forgotten memory-
a reverie of a newly-revealed stitch in time of your life’s tapestry;
a flood of old feelings, thoughts, hopes, and fears;
a remembrance of sights, sounds, love’s, losses, and tears-
like a time machine of the mind, a bridge over a vast ocean,
when reality seems to stand still while the world is still in motion.
There is nothing like a song to release you from the present,
to recapture your heart and to make you feel resplendent,
to relive the first time you heard that special voice,
to revisit the exhilaration of your heart beating in rejoice,
to reincarnate the rush of energy that only comes at our birth-
when we retire from being weightless to walk the corners of the Earth.
A daydream of a particular person, the musing of a thought-provoking melody,
the feeling of letting go of the world and being set free,
is a gift that we alone are blessed to experience, immerse ourselves, and dive into;
a reality, like that of Alice‘s Looking Glass of Wonder, we can always go to.