They say that there is a lot about someone you can tell
by the way they walk, and the way they cast their spell,
as they walk through the world with their head held high-
always looking above and beyond- to the future, or to the sky.

A persons gait can say a lot about their intentions;
about the way they think, and about the confidence of their inventions;
about their constant and absolute belief in their own flair-
that what they possess is just as important as breathing air!

What we resonate and emanate, how we carry ourselves and interact,
how we act, attract- how we generate the gravitas required to make an impact-
may only be a thin, and sometimes transparent, veil that we wear to convince
the world around us that we are, in our own mind, nothing short of a prince-
when in actuality your reality is far from the idylic picture that you paint:
the reality that you are imperfect, flawed, and that you are not a saint.

A person’s gait, like that of a garden gate, is but someone’s first portal-
an entrance to what lies within, behind and beyond the physical and the mortal.
Someone’s gait is not a definition of themselves-
it can be a second identity, a mask, a projection of their inner-self;
or, perhaps, the person that they hope and wish to be-
the figurative acorn that could one day grow and flourish into an Oak Tree.