Take my hand, come with me- I have something to show you;
I want you to witness with me the creation of the new.
Unlock with me, walk with me through the door’s of inspiration;
feel with me the energy all around, and invoke the muse of creation.
See through my eyes all the people who have influenced who I am,
who gave me so much, and broke down the barrier of my figurative dam.
Revist with me the choices that have led to my life’s current sphere-
relive with me my emotions, my memories, my feeling of arriving at a new frontier.
Become with me, understand with me- see the poetic perfection in the chaos;
be a part of the eternal rhyme, live forever- be the meaning of life’s gloss.
I may write the rhymes; I may imagine the imagery;
I may be the sole believer and follower of my own personal philosophy;
but I am not the only one who will be there at this poem’s end,
you will be there too, my friend-
because, whether you know it or not, you have been part of something-
you have brought more to this poem than I could ever hope to bring.
If you’ve given me this much, maybe you would be willing to give me a little more:
take my hand, come with me- stare again with me in awe at what the future has in store!