The moment I fell in love was like jumping off a cliff;
like defying the laws of nature, and turning gravity into a myth.

The moment I fell in love I felt as if I had been reborn,
as if I had been struck by lightning; or pricked by a rose’s thorn:
a powerful surge of energy began to course through my veins-
as if a spirit within me had transcended, and my heart was now unrestrained.

The moment I fell in love began like any other day;
however, by the end, I could no long understand, nor obey,
how I was feeling, nor what my heart was trying to say-
but one thing was for certain: I never wanted to feel any other way.

The moment I fell in love felt as if I had been enveloped in a wave,
an indomitable force- a direction in my life that paved
a way of looking at the world, the ability to feel energy tangibly-
a love that every day seeks to, and is successful, in enlightening me.

The moment I fell in love is a moment that is important and precious,
a moment that, to this day, still brings about in me a fuss-
maybe because the moment that I fell in love took me places I had never been,
made me write like never before, and see things I had never seen.

The moment I fell in love will always be a part of me-
everyday I think to myself about that moment when my heart was set free;
that moment when from out of nowhere my poetic voice began to emerge-
that moment when every possibility in the universe became real and converged.