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Layer, upon Layer, upon Layer, upon Layer-
like the spiral grooves of a vinyl album playing on a record player,
reality is usually never as it first appears;
within every moment of laughter, beauty, and tears,
exists a multitude of emotions, feelings, and memories,
messages, relationships, and unseen commonalities.

Superficial differences are like the surface of an ocean-
one that belies stillness, while deep down everything is in motion.
Below a water line can lie a world of great wonder’s;
just as within someone quiet can rest a voice that thunders.
Everyone has an internal voice that at first cannot be heard,
one that speaks to us all the time when we’re in search for a particular word;
or when we are at loggerhead as to which path we should choose;
the head or tails of a coin toss about whether we win, or whether we lose.
If we’re fortunate, however, our internal voice can become a song,
a poem, a story, or an unspoken feeling that we truly belong.

William Shakespeare once wrote: “What’s in a name?”
The answer to a mystery? The solution to a game?
Our name is the layer we use to proclaim our identity;
our face is the layer in which we convey an air of serenity.
The layers of our essence are like a Matryoshka set;
however, it is only in our dreams that we truly connect;
to truly converge our mind, body, and soul;
and see the layers all around us, and become one with the whole.

praeter opportunus lumen

the first thing that I see when I open my eyes
when I awake first thing in the morning
after a session of stretching and yawning;
and even though I see it everyday,
the sight of it never fails to take my breath away.
The rise of the moon has an equal impact:
visceral and enthralling, but yet inexact.
The appearance of the moon denotes the end of the day;
while the sun always has an effect that is hard to convey.
Just it’s appearance above you in the sky
is enough to make you think that you can fly!
It’s shine is enough to energize you when you’re feeling down,
enough to make you smile where before you were wearing a frown.
Both the Sun and the Moon affect us without us even knowing,
not just because they’re necessary to most thing’s seeing and growing;
they also affect how we act and behave,
how we feel and think, and even what we crave.
The Sun, however, is essential to all life on Earth;
as it was in the beginning, as well as at our own birth.

vita tribuo

To those who left the mortal coil on that day,
it is to you that I do hereby pray;
and to those left behind to continue their memory:
may you be blessed with Peace, Love, and Serenity.
I for one can not convey
how much I am thinking about you all on this day.
A day in which we remember those loved and lost,
and who will always be with you, but at what cost?
I would like to end by saying this:
I will forever remember you all with a kiss.
A small token I grant you, and which could never compare
to the shining face of your loved one, but nothing would dare.
In closing, I would just like say:
may everyone be at peace on this day.


What would it be like to travel in time?
To be able to go back and be there to hear Big Bens first chime,
when it was first installed in the clock tower in 1859?

What would it be like to see a real dinosaur-
a Tyrannosaurus Rex, or one that know one has seen before?
What would it be like to come back and prove everyone wrong,
to come back and say they didnt look like they did in Jurassic Park or King Kong?

What would it be like to see the Great Pyramid at Giza-
to be there in Egypt without the need for a visa,
at the instant it was completed after 20 years of construction;
or to be there when the Great Sphinx had its nose reduction?

What would it be like to see what is yet to come,
to travel into the future and see what the human race will become-
to witness whether we as a species realized our potential:
whether we rose to the challenges that were presented to us, or did we fail?

What would it be like to visit a human settlement on Mars?
To visit our descendants, or travel to nearby stars?
To experience traveling at the speed of light,
to reach your destination and marvel at the sight.

What would it be to be there at Earths end?
To witness the expansion of The Sun, and look upon the world weve been forced to transcend,
as it becomes a shadow of its former magnificence,
and the precious marble that it was becomes nothing more than a dis-acquaintance.

Tempus Viator

What is the source of light by which follow?
Is it that of the Hindu God of the Sun, Surya; or the Greek God of Light, Apollo?
From where does your inspiration originate? And for what reason does it manifest?
All I know is that inspiration lies within, and that I have been blessed
in my life to meet and to know some truly amazing people:
people whose words when they speak to me are like that of an oracle.
Musicians, singers, men and women of all faiths
people who believe in aliens, The Loch Ness Monster, apparitions and wraiths.
I believe that throughout my life I have been given the gift
of meeting people like Surya Devi, who has a magic in her voice to uplift
the spirit and the imagination of everyone she meets,
because she is a messenger of the Angels, and one of the elites
of music, healing, and spiritual renewal:
a source of light to all who know her, and a beautiful Canadian jewel.

angelus viator

You are the dreamer, and you are the dream;
you are the ordinary, and you are the supreme.
You are the reader, and you are the story;
you are the true face, and you are the allegory.
You are the musician, and you are the music;
you are the novice, and you are the virtuosic.
You are the light, and you are the dark;
you are the Sun, and you are the spark.
You are the leader, and you are the follower;
you are the borrowed, and you are the borrower.
You are the driver, and you are the driven;
you are the guilty, and you are the forgiven.
You are the love, and you are the lover;
you are the conspicuous, and you are the undercover.
You are the poet, and you are the voice;
you are the decider, and you are the choice.
You are the water, and you are the Champagne;
you are the star’s, and you are the rain.
You are the hope, and you are the wish;
you are the sonnet, and you are the Poēta universalis.

Poet of the Spheres

That which is unseen is sometimes the most effective;
that which is unseen can give us a new perspective.
That which is unseen can influence our destiny;
that which is unseen does not stand on ceremony.
That which is unseen can be the beginning, or the end;
that which is unseen can inspire us to transcend.
That which is unseen has been the muse of musicians, and artists,
that which is unseen has been written countless times by many poets.
That which is unseen, however, can sometimes be heard and felt,
that which is unseen can sometimes be sensed, touched, and even smelt.
That which is unseen can be more important than that which is apparent;
that which is unseen can be substantial, even though it may be transparent.
That which is unseen does not always need to be proven to exist;
that which is unseen is sometimes the thing that we can’t ever resist.
That which is unseen is where you are going, and that which lies within;
that which is unseen, to me, is every and any possibility that you can imagine.


One hundred and forty characters is all that you get
to describe what you are doing, sort of like a vignette:
a short, but informative, sentence about your circumstance;
or a recommendation that you follow a fellow friendly acquaintance.
At the end of every week,
and in the form of Twitter ‘tweet’,
many Twitter followers and friends
make requests to one another and send
a tweet that usually includes #FF, or #FollowFriday,
followed by the username of the friend that they want to send your way.

Over time, Twitter has become more than the sum of it’s parts,
to some it has become a place very important and dear to their hearts.
From a simple internet messaging service, Twitter has evolved
into a place where connections can be made and you can become involved
in the latest new thing of the moment and be there at it’s birth,
get the news from around the world, and talk to people from all corner’s of the earth.

Twitter, to me, is an extremely engaging way
to communicate, converse, and to convey;
to talk to fascinating and talented people, or otherwise;
to tell someone why you chose to follow them, or even to advise.
Twitter has become the followed, and the follower;
with a great many of it’s community who have been endowed to empower.
Twitter, and tweeting, has a draw, and also an attraction that is very rare;
perhaps, one day their wont be anyone who isn’t ‘tweeting’ every-when and everywhere?

brevis tamen notitia

I hear the notes of nature playing all around me,
in every tweet and every chirp of every bird in every tree.

I see the spectrum of the universe in the colour’s of every flower,
the palette of the world that exists within every minute of every hour.

I feel the caress of creation as a breeze touches my face,
and in that instant I feel as if everything has fallen into place.

I believe that as I walk through the staggering beauty of the countryside,
I have become a part of it somehow and I feel as if I could glide.

I love walking, and nature as well- because it reaffirms to me what I believe:
that we are all singular to the world, and more than what we perceive.

I often reach beyond my grasp in my thoughts, my feelings, and in my emotions-
and each has taken and carried me far, like that of the tides of the oceans.

I know that we all have within us a key to the door of inspiration;
we are all musicians, poets, comedian’s, and we all have an imagination.

I have learnt that sometimes all it takes to inspire you
could be as simple as getting to a place where you need to get to;
as simple as meeting that certain someone; or hearing that particular song;
seeing the details that are all around you, which were there to be seen all along.

cogito ergo sum

There is nothing like setting out and going for a run-
going from frozen to full speed like a bullet from a gun.

There is nothing like the feeling of rushing wind against your face-
for a moment floating free from gravity as if you are in outer space.

There is nothing like the sensation of your heart in your chest-
thundering like an express train, or a lightning storm coalesced.

There is nothing like letting go of everything and everyone-
as if, for a moment and all at once, you are the earth, the sky, and the sun.

There is nothing like the heat and the energy of a sunny day-
when your path, your footing, and your self assurance refuse to stray.

There is nothing like the temporary release of your body from your mind-
a state of being something greater than you are, and of energy refined.

There is nothing like propelling yourself farther, and pushing yourself beyond-
as if you can almost touch every possibility, and experience every bond.

citius altius fortius



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