What would it be like to travel in time?
To be able to go back and be there to hear Big Bens first chime,
when it was first installed in the clock tower in 1859?

What would it be like to see a real dinosaur-
a Tyrannosaurus Rex, or one that know one has seen before?
What would it be like to come back and prove everyone wrong,
to come back and say they didnt look like they did in Jurassic Park or King Kong?

What would it be like to see the Great Pyramid at Giza-
to be there in Egypt without the need for a visa,
at the instant it was completed after 20 years of construction;
or to be there when the Great Sphinx had its nose reduction?

What would it be like to see what is yet to come,
to travel into the future and see what the human race will become-
to witness whether we as a species realized our potential:
whether we rose to the challenges that were presented to us, or did we fail?

What would it be like to visit a human settlement on Mars?
To visit our descendants, or travel to nearby stars?
To experience traveling at the speed of light,
to reach your destination and marvel at the sight.

What would it be to be there at Earths end?
To witness the expansion of The Sun, and look upon the world weve been forced to transcend,
as it becomes a shadow of its former magnificence,
and the precious marble that it was becomes nothing more than a dis-acquaintance.

Tempus Viator