I hear the notes of nature playing all around me,
in every tweet and every chirp of every bird in every tree.

I see the spectrum of the universe in the colour’s of every flower,
the palette of the world that exists within every minute of every hour.

I feel the caress of creation as a breeze touches my face,
and in that instant I feel as if everything has fallen into place.

I believe that as I walk through the staggering beauty of the countryside,
I have become a part of it somehow and I feel as if I could glide.

I love walking, and nature as well- because it reaffirms to me what I believe:
that we are all singular to the world, and more than what we perceive.

I often reach beyond my grasp in my thoughts, my feelings, and in my emotions-
and each has taken and carried me far, like that of the tides of the oceans.

I know that we all have within us a key to the door of inspiration;
we are all musicians, poets, comedian’s, and we all have an imagination.

I have learnt that sometimes all it takes to inspire you
could be as simple as getting to a place where you need to get to;
as simple as meeting that certain someone; or hearing that particular song;
seeing the details that are all around you, which were there to be seen all along.

cogito ergo sum