As I walk through life I am reminded of its beauty,
as I look around at every thing and everyone I gain a new affinity.
Every time I talk to someone I know, or I see someone I have yet to meet,
I think about all of the infinite possibilities of life that lie before all of our feet.
It is easy for us all to look around and see nothing of consequence;
however, when I look around, and even though I miss things in their absence,
I see hope, kindness, and synchronicity all around me:
waves of tears, laughter, and friendship- like the tides of a sea.
There are many shadows in the world, that I do not deny:
those that we abhor and make us ask why;
but the thing we must all realise is that life is about the light not the dark;
that we are all special in one way or another, and are all meant to make our mark.