As I stand in the heart of Chantry Wood
I can feel the energy all around me begin to galvanize in my blood.
With the great and majestic pine trees all around me-
I stand and take in the stillness, the calmness, and the amazing beauty.
The air is cold, but I do not feel a chill;
I do not see or hear anyone, or anything… until
the birds around me suddenly fall silent;
and a song, faint yet still ambient,
begins playing all around me,
and a familiar voice, as if it were being sung by a nearby tree,
sing’s to me, and only to me:
“I want to believe in the things I cannot see.”
That voice! That song!
I know instantly to whom they belong;
but why now, and why here?
right now that song is all that there is, and my mind is crystal clear.
That song is simply unmistakable,
and in my opinion one of the most remarkable:
a particular favourite song of mine,
and one which I always compare to as if listening to the divine.
As I stand with my eyes closed listening contently,
I hear a whisper in the air- to which I open my eyes immediately:
I hear the whisper of a long-since forgotten voice,
and, for a second, I do indeed rejoice;
however, when the identity of the voice finally hits home,
I suddenly feel very alone:
and, after hearing my muse that was once upon a time,
I, for some reason, feel as guilt as if I had committed a crime.
When the song comes to an end,
and I hear the voice of the person that I once considered a friend,
I feel as if I am listening to the voice of a ghost:
distant, ethereal, but I cannot help but be engrossed;
however, then I am hit by a sudden pang of great sorrow,
as I feel as if I have, yet again, been struck by cupid’s arrow.
Then, in the blink of an eye,
I hear the sound of my former muse begin to cry;
and as I feel a cool breeze against my skin,
I suddenly begin to hear the sound of a violin-
and when I look around to identify the mystery violinist,
upon my lips I feel a tender touch as if I had been kissed.
The music; her voice; where were they coming from?
Why am I now being visited by a voice that I thought was long gone?
Am I being haunted? Am I going mad?
I was content, but now I feel incredibly sad.
Has my conscience finally caught up with my head?
Am I hallucinating? Dreaming? Am I still lying in bed?
I am not dreaming, and this is not a hallucination;
the woods that I am standing in are like a forrest of resonation-
like the resonating chamber of a musical instrument:
able to realize old memories and emotions, and then augment
the intensity and the feelings that are retained deep-inside,
and bring them to light for the first time on the outside.

As I hesitantly walk out of Chantry wood,
I look back over my shoulder frequently, hoping that I would
see something, or hear that amazing song again;
but as much as looked and listened, it was ultimately in vane.
When I finally reached the periphery and I looked back one last time,
I could not see anything on the path that I had taken back to the tree line;
however, what I felt on the other hand I cannot fully articulate,
about the song and the voice and from where did they originate;
and what did my hearing them in this place in particular actually mean:
did I imagine everything, or is there something in the woods that lies unseen?

angelus vox vocis