When a butterfly beats it’s wings; when a stone is dropped into a pond;
when you write a letter to the one you love; when a magician waves a magic wand;
when a pitcher throws a baseball; when a footballer scores a goal;
when a golfer puts a hole-in-one; when a soprano sings with all their soul;
when an artist creates a work of art, when a poet discovers their muse;
when a comedian makes us laugh; when we buy a new pair of shoes;
when we read something that makes us cry; when we see something that makes us act;
when we see someone for who they really are and no longer in the abstract;
when someone offers us their hand; when someone turns the other cheek;
when we look at the world around us and we realize that we are all unique.
I believe that if the wings of a single butterfly can affect the course of the weather;
I believe that if when a tragedy happens everyone becomes drawn together;
I believe that if when someone sings their voice can ‘raise the roof’;
I believe that if people say that a miracle happened, and they don’t need any proof;
I believe that if when something happens the entire world feels the effects:
I believe that we are all bound together and everything we do connects.

nos es totus iunctus