The chaos of a tragedy is a mystery to those left behind,
especially when the chaos created is a cost that is felt by the whole of mankind.
Sometimes when we watch disaster’s on TV, and we hear of the lives that have been taken,
it doesn’t really hit home until we are personally visited by it and we are physically shaken
by the realization that if anything in life was for certain
it would be that the rest of the world can no longer be hidden behind a curtain;
because what happen’s elsewhere on this planet
can have a long-standing impact on us all, and is magnetic:
we can no longer pull-away and leave other’s to there own trials and tribulations,
we have to stand with them in there time of need, and forget our borders and nations,
and fullfil what should be Humanity’s universal creed:
to come together whenever and for whoever, and to save and support all in need.

My thoughts and my heart goes out to all those who lost there lives during the horrific and catastrophic event’s that took place in Haiti on 12 January 2010, and also to those who have been left behind to continue their lives as best they can in the undeniably disastrous condition’s they now find themselves in- to all those that have felt pain and loss following what has happened, be sure that you are not alone and the world will not abandon you- your loss is the world’s loss!

Show your support for the Haitian relief effort by donating what you can to those who need it now more than ever at

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