What is the source of light by which follow?
Is it that of the Hindu God of the Sun, Surya; or the Greek God of Light, Apollo?
From where does your inspiration originate? And for what reason does it manifest?
All I know is that inspiration lies within, and that I have been blessed
in my life to meet and to know some truly amazing people:
people whose words when they speak to me are like that of an oracle.
Musicians, singers, men and women of all faiths
people who believe in aliens, The Loch Ness Monster, apparitions and wraiths.
I believe that throughout my life I have been given the gift
of meeting people like Surya Devi, who has a magic in her voice to uplift
the spirit and the imagination of everyone she meets,
because she is a messenger of the Angels, and one of the elites
of music, healing, and spiritual renewal:
a source of light to all who know her, and a beautiful Canadian jewel.

angelus viator